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attn to anyone considering buying from Mike Orender

i purchased a rear cover and all 6 pcs of side skirts from a silver 89 sc for 325.00 shipped on 11-22-06., HE SAID IT WOULD SHIP OUT 11-27-06....after payment i had alot of trouble reaching him as well as many others on his thread. then he would get upset with you for asking QUESTIONS and flip out at you and curse in his response, or threaten to return the funds....he lied to me a couple of times giving me stories that conflicted later, and told me he was burried in snow, when i checked the weather for his town on the internet, it was nothing of the sort????next he sells the car to someone over scco.....

then yesterday afternoon, 12-14-06, he emails me and tells me he broke one of the parts, and will credit my money back after holding it for 24 days... i didn't get the money yesterday, so i called paypal and filed a paypal claim early this morning.... they told me he had tried to empty his account but my claim had frozen the funds... so this am he closed the dispute by returning all my funds, and sent me a message with quite a few 4 letter words.... why? i was just doing what i could to protect my 325.00...

if anyone on here does do business with this guy, god bless you, your going to need it!!!!!! and PS USE PAYPAL!!!!!


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Warning SCCOA Members:
Although repeated attempts have been with made with Mr Mike Orender to resolve this issue I have yet to receive the merchandise (Billet PS Pulley,3 polished tensioners and a chrome upper coolant pipe) which I purchased from him or a refund. After much discussion I wound up not using paypal (Against my better judgement)and wound up sending him a MO overnight as a favor to him.:rolleyes: oh boy... On 11/13/06 the MO was sent he did receive it on 11/14/06 and cashed it the same day. He has since given me a fraudulent shipping number and then attempted to explain it away by blaming UPS. He also has said that the parts he was suppposed to send were pulled, Packed and ready to ship. Then said he had to pull the parts but due to bad weather was delayed, Then found that he didn't have proper tools to pull the pulley off so a PS pump would be sent along with the billet pulley and other items. Now I have discovered he has sold the car allegedly my parts were to come from. This simple transaction should have taken less than a week but has now taken over a month and I suspect is going to wind up even taking much longer. I wanted to warn anyone else away from this guy and tell you he is a liar and a thief and that I do for sure know of at least one more person that he stole money from. Fortunately that person was smart used paypal and was able to recoup thier money. I unfortunatly have to do it the old fashioned way and it will take me a while longer. And will wind up costing me some of mine in the beginning as well as my time.A lesson learned. I hope the guy is banned from this site and I hope he did not put anyone else through the problems I will now have to go through to prosecute him. Take care gentlemen and be wary of Mike Orender. I will of course repudiate any statements I have made as to the fraud if Mr Orender does make good on the merchandise I have purchased or does make "FULL" restitution. Including all legal fees.

Mike Orender

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As I told Mike in a PM a few days ago if I got or heard anything on my parts I would either retract, redact, or reititterate my previous statements. I can tell you that this evening I did get the parts I paid for last month in good working order. As a matter of fact I was very surprised by their condition as they actually look better than the picture he had posted. they look super... I do appologize to him publicly on this board as I had critisized him before. After all that has gone on for him my recommendation to Mike would be not to Fly or cross the street or cook anything in the microwave any time soon. He has had the worst luck of anyone I have ever met in the last several weeks. More than anyone I ever met period I believe. Anyways you can trust him although you may have to live through a little tragedy and wait a while on some PM replys before you see any results. Thanks Mike they (the parts) are just as you said.

In my own defense and reasons for my concerns I was told 3 different times the parts were pulled and shipped..Here is a copy of the MO and Fed-Ex weigh bill....note the date. But things happen I fully understand that....just please... PLEASE!!!!.... Stay in contact because after a couple of days of no repsonse someone like myself who has been burned several times before begins to get very paranoid.. Look at my side here ok. you have my money and I was hearing nothing after the 3rd promissed shipping. Thats all... I appollogize again for the distrust and the I do feel dirt statement went way beyond the pale. For that I also applogize. That wasnt called for and in bad taste no matter what the circumstance...anyways heres a look to give a time frame perspective.


I know these posts are moderated and this just was cleared so I wanted to make sure everyone knows that SweetSC's products were delivered this is quote from another post about this confirming that.

Also refer to the post "Dead Post" http://www.sccoa.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83770&page=7 in parts for sale in reguards to drgsx as a piece of skirting was broken therefor did not get shipped, refund was in full the next day after the incident occured although there were some intial delays on the shipment there we out of my control.

Again anyone can verifiy my truthfulness with anyone that has bought off myself in the past 2-3 months..

These may not be exact spelling...

MP Top & Plenum & Fuel Pump -- SENDO -- DELIVERED
MAF, Injectors , Chip & 5% Pulley -- WINNEPEGSC (Was delayed also at the same time, shipment has been DELIVERED)
BBK 75mm TB & AC Compressor -- MARK EBERLE -- DELIVERED
SCI 3 Piece Stock Size Pulleys -- RZIMMERL -- DELIVERED
BHJ Balancer -- 1992tbirdsc -- DELIVERED
Kooks Mid Length Headers -- THUNDRBURD -- DELIVERED
Art Carr Extreme AOD -- fasttbird12 -- DELIVERED
Stock SC,Plenum,TB & Gages -- KCFire -- DELIVERED
POWER ANTENNA & CONDENSER -- Randall Morse (Also one of the delayed packages and will have track# today after work had to remanfuactuer a custom box to fit the condenser the one that it was in was ruined)

Thanks again sorry for the confusion on this wouldnt' want anyone on here missing out on parts they have the wrong impression of me.


Mike Orender


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Mike is correct here this just turned out to be one of the worst cases of bad luck I have ever seen...I certainly hope it all changes for him soon. I did in fact get my parts and they are absolutely stunning on the car. I could not be happier. and as I promised I retract any ill comments and do appologize to him here publicly as I have privately. I just hope he has no plans to fly any time soon....Seriously though he can be trusted and did come through on his word even with a great deal of adversity.

Mike...Thank you very much and have a super Holiday.


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I picked up some seats from Mike on Saturday. Very helpful guy. Seats were in great shape for an 89. Bit cold trying to get those tracks out, but Mike was most helpful.

Good seller.