Moonroof motor functionality


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My moonroof on my '89 SC stopped working a few months ago. It will move a little, then make a buzzing sound. I took the motor out and it will spin a second or 2, then buzz, sometimes sticking there, sometimes spinning again for another second or 2. Does the motor have some type of clutch in it, or do I just need to replace it? It seems like the motor does the same thing, whether or not connected to the piece it spins to operate the glass.

I already know I need to figure out a replacement mounting bracket for the switch. Mine is in about 20 pieces now. I can live with that, just more concerned with getting the moonroof operating correctly again, so it doesn't leak!
I don't think the motor is clutched. The circuit relies on a certain electrical load, relying on relays to control the motor. In your example, I think I'd attempt to source another motor assembly.

FYI, the 94/95 motor assembly will work, but it has an additional stop when opening. Ford lcdv. complaints about wind noise, and the short-stroke when opening was supposed to be the optimum position. Hold the switch again to go full open.

As for your switch holder, those tend to be hen's teeth. If you can find all the pieces, as troublesome as it may seem, hot glueing them back together has worked for me in the past.