Movie producer needs 90 SC 35th anniversary edition


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LA movie producer needs 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC in 35th anniversary trim. Will pay above fair market value, prefer 5 speed. No rust, must be in fair condition or better.

Kurt K

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That's incorrect. You could get one with a 5spd. I don't think actual production numbers are known, but they are out there.
We have the production numbers from Marti for 5 speed 35th Anniversary editions, but I dont remember the number off the top of my head.


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we have not found one yet. We will buy and ship from anywhere in the USA. No Rust. Thanks
I have one with around 55k miles on it in excellent condition that we would like to sell soon. No rust, nice paint, great interior. I believe it spent most of its life in the Seattle, WA area. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.