MP MPX SC Addition


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Good Afternoon Everyone!

On my list of thing for my SC this year is possibly an MPX. What I am looking for is anything that i need to be aware of before switching to it.

Currently I have an s-port late model, 15%OD(10% SC 10rib / 5% JS), MP rotors, 60lb injectors, ported head/cam amongst other supporting mods (I am finally doing upgraded tensioner springs). The car is currently at 14.5 PSI for boost and drives well. The car has been tuned and was tuned for 15% OD and a stock rotor pack on my S-Port. What do i need to look out for before jumping to an MPX?.

Thank you in advance.


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Still running stock intercooler? Know what temps you're running thru it?

I would smoke test it before taking it apart for the MPX, then again when the swap is done.

Have you reached out to Charles yet for his advice?


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Hey, No the car has a customer FMI and is also running on Water/Meth. As for the temps though it it has not been measured. I left out a few fair amount of mods as the list is on the longer side. I have not spoke with Charles and a smoke test is planed for after the swap is all wrapped up to tie up any loose ends.

I was more worried with the possibility of throwing out the tune too much. I know the cars can adapt to changes but I was unsure house much it will adapt before problems start to show. Other things like is it possible to out flow my maf and TB? I think my maf is a 74 and Tb is 76 but those could be reversed.