MPX/E85 Dyno Results.

By my calculations, running at 30% OD on the MPX, it is going to fall on its face at around 4200 rpm and become a huge heat pump and not move anymore air, and thats on a motor that can actually breath.

The rpm you saw the fall off at is to be expected because of the blower inlet plenum and the amount of back pressure the blower itself will be seeing right at the top, which would be in the neighbour hood of around 25psi or more with temperatures of 400+F, simply because the motor itself can't take the air the blower is putting out.

I don't think your car would do very well at the track because of traction issues with that much power down low, and the car falling over on its face because of heat etc.

Nice numbers though :).


Haha thanks man. We'll just have to wait and see I guess...

Good numbers for an unopened engine. Have you had it back to the track yet?

I haven't had it at the track yet. I want to get some 10rib pulleys on my car before I take it back to the track because it's getting some belt slip with the pulleys i have on now. I'll be sure to post my track results on here when the time comes which is hopefully soon!
awesome !

This is pretty impressive congrats ! been following this for a while e85 sounds like fun :) ur set up is very close to mine except I got 60lb injectors wonder if I could go into the e85 land in the future myself