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Hey, I have looked around and seen mentions of both the MPX and MPXs but I could not figure out if there is a difference between them or if they are the same thing.

Thanks in advance!
I think you are referring to the MP S port which is a modified early blower if i recall right and the MPX is a whole new casting. the MPX would be the greater blower.

I did't do any searching so I may be wrong on the names.
I don't recall the namings but the 1st iteration of the MPX was a modified stock case, which I believe turned out to have case problems at the back bearings. At least mine did :). So then MP cast a whole new case for the final MPX product.
The early model MP cut off the back of the blower and attached a plate with the big smiley opening. I had the bearing bosses fracture and had Embry Machine fix one then the other side broke. I lucked on a AR kit and never looked back.20230504_085714.jpg20230504_085658.jpg
The one with the back cut off was the MPIII. The MPX was always its own casting. I don’t know what an MPX-S would be, but the one thing that comes to mind is the original MPX had uncoated rotors, and now you can get it with the Teflon coated rotors, which improves sealing creating more boost and less heat for the same blower speed. If that is the difference, then the upgrade to the coated rotors is definitely worth doing.
Ok, so might just be a weird naming thing. I am moving form a late model s-port with MP coated rotors to an MPX with MP coated rotors. with just a case swap any idea what kind of uplift in boost I might see? Also a little off topic I an looking for a replacement 10rib SC belt. From what I under stand you take a 12rib and cut it down. Does anyone have the part number for a replacement belt?