Need opinions on this 95 5spd


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Hello all,

A 95 5spd SC popped up for sale about 20 mins from me. I couldn't believe it! 140k miles and he wants $5K. Link for pics

It hasn't been cared for like we'd hope. I'd say he's prob the 4th or 5th owner. He had a full tune up done recently (plugs, wires, coil packs, oil). Ran fine, drove okay.
Exterior was decent. 70% of the clear coat is gone but all body panels are in decent shape; no body work needed. Interior needs a deep clean, seats were cracked but no rips.

The good:
-Motor looked unmolested, no mods. Did have Flowmaster type mufflers on it. Everything else looked factory.
-Virtually rust free from what I could see
-Interior is complete and all original
-He has the original wheels, so obviously the 20s would go

The bad:
-Could use a paint job
-Header panel is broken somehow, so the driver headlight sags
-No AC; not a deal breaker
-It made 10-11 lbs boost but felt really underpowered. Not sure what that could be? The owner was a very big guy, but I still feel like the 10 PSI should've put me back in the seat.

Anyway, what do you guys think and is it worth it? In it's current state, I'm not sure I'd offer more than $3K, but it IS a 95 5 spd.....

Scott Long

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$3000 max would be my offer. Explain to him it's not running 100%, needs paint, etc. 10 PSI you should feel it come alive.