Needing some help....


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Have the old engine out, but time is beyond limited to get the new engine in. Anyone with some free time on a weekend and would like to help please let me know.

The car is currently over near Council Bluffs, but can be hauled back to Des Moines if that helps at all.

Getting the exhaust manifolds ported and then install will begin. Hoping to have this done already to avoid needing help, but with the kid's schedule of full summer activities there is no free time for me and having it sit in my driveway is not allowed by the city.

If you have a Saturday for Sunday available please let me know and I will get it scheduled to get as many together as possible.

The long block is done. It is just getting the motor mounts on and dropping it in and then bolting up the accessories and installing a FMIC, Griffin radiator.

Will be installing the engine, FMIC, Griffin radiator and Driveshaft the weekend of May 1-3 in a shop near Glenwood. There is a lift and all the amenities required for an install. Several choices of beverages will be available. Guiness Draft will be a plenty. If you get there early enough.