New 35th Anniversary in the Family


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For our anniversary, I bought a 35th Anniversary SC for Danielle (and me too, I It traveled to its new home in southern Indiana all the way from Seattle, WA on a car hauler...needless to say, it was a mess when it got here. My son and I cleaned it up last night for it's official induction into our SC family this evening, when we get the title transferred.

It needs very little to be perfect. Looks like it's spend it's entire life in a garage and in good hands! It was 46k miles on it, which will make it the lowest-mileage SC I've ever driven. It's amazing how different it feels from any of the other SC's we've have, including the 90k mile ones.

Only plans for it are to keep it maintained and touch up / fix little things as they come up. Unfortunately, the timing didn't work out for acquiring the "right 35th" at the best time, as we were trying to pay off debt and working towards our dream, we don't even have a garage to keep it in for a couple of years. Hopefully, a carport and good cover will keep it from aging.

Expect to see it with my old 283k mile grungy SC at this year's Shootout! :)






Rodeo Joe

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Nice find Matt, good luck!

Buy a cheap ShelterLogic garage for a couple of hundred bucks to keep it out of the weather.



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Congrats! Definitely invest in a quality custom-fit car cover.. they are well worth the investment and will make a huge difference in how the paint holds up.