New 90’ XR7 owner from Indiana.


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F5231687-221A-4127-BF82-93853BC64530.jpegBeen mildly searching for an 89-90 XR7 for years. I finally scored the other day. 1990 XR7 3.8 SC, 5 speed. I can’t quit grinning. Only one rust spot on the back driver fender under where the body kit attaches to the body. Other than that I can’t even find a door ding. Drives great, there an easy way to make the supercharger louder? A88503BE-7C8A-44A5-A44A-52410D7BAA55.jpegA88503BE-7C8A-44A5-A44A-52410D7BAA55.jpegF8326E71-2C96-495E-9F3C-B8D21A6D27AC.jpegEDE75C84-BF73-4991-A9E9-C8A2D3EBD2C8.jpeg657E876A-F2FA-43A0-8B34-79B47C67F8A1.jpeg
make supercharger louder

You can take off the passenger side tire and to access the air intake and remove the
grey air silencer underneath it. When you step on the gas after that you will hear the air pulling in
and hear that blower, it sounds cool in my opinion.