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Just bought 94 sc automatic. Need help with. AOD. Cuts in and out of od. Help? This is a one owner, 45000 mile car that may have been sitting in a garage for several years. When cruising 60-75 mph the od cuts in and out randomly every 50 miles or so. No issues when I turn the od off. Green light od-off stays on as it should. Problem only with od switched on. Did a fluid flush, no help. Does not slip while engaged in od, just cuts in and out randomly. I hate to just start throwing parts at it, but if I do, where do I start? Any help would be appreciated.
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Change the OSS, speed sensor on the output of the transmission. Bad reading will confuse the ECC to shift down. Had a 95 SC Auto with same problem.


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oss or mlps could very well be the cause

a moates quarterhorse is $250 direct from

its a tuning tool but is also a very very very helpful diagnostics tool.

if you want to identify the problem before throwing parts at it order one and shoot me an email and I'll hook u up with tunerpro so you can log it and see exactly whats causing it very easily.