New daily driver--not an SC, but related


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I've been looking for a Cadillac ATS coupe, but couldn't find what I wanted, so when this popped up locally I decided to save some money.
98 LSC, 178k miles but 25k on a new engine/transmission. The previous owner showed me a clean Carfax, recent emissions test and $14k worth of receipts since 2018. The seller also rebuilt the suspension, including converting it to coil springs. Black wouldn't have been my first choice, but for less than half of what he had in receipts I couldn't pass it up.

The plan is to just drive it and not mod it right away. Once it needs tires, then maybe I'll replace the wheels, too--but not before. That sort of thing.


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Naturally, the first thing I did was weigh it. With a bit over 3/4 tank of gas, it was 3,806 as it sits. With the spare tire/jack removed, it was 3,770.

I have no plans for weight reduction, but I was curious. I would have guessed a bit higher.