New Engine - New Best!

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I finally made it back to the track after like three years on Sunday.

Took the new 5.3L out for a shake down and wasn't disappointed. The only problem (and it's a good problem to have) is that the engine was overpowering the 255/50/16 MT ET Street tires that I was running. I had to nurse the car off the line to maintain traction. I think with the right tires there might be a 1.55 Sixty foot and an 11.0xx in my future. I'm looking at some other 285/40/18's, 275/45/18's or 275/60/15's. I have some NITTO NT05R tires in a 285/40/18 size that I tried running initially but they're quite old and don't have the grip that they used to.

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Thanks Brian!

Yea, it's so nice to be back in the game and have a great car to hit the cruise-ins and car shows. I hope to make it to the December Cars & Coffee in Charlotte on Saturday.

I also plan on attending the 2019 Epic Cruise. (Fingers crossed that my schedule works out to make that happen.)