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Hello all. New SC owner here (probably) and looking for insight. My uncle bought a SC when I was 16 and I drove it home the day he went to pick it up. He has other toys now but has always loved “the bird” and it now needs a new home. He’s tried to sell it and I have already tried to take it and talked myself out of it once. I think I’m committed now (or maybe I should be committed, anyway) as I’m in a different place in life and I think I can make room for her. Aside from dealerships not touching them, 4 hour spark plug changes and the unknowns (for me) that go with owning a supercharged engine, what pitfalls should I consider? Pros are obvious but what are the downsides? I’m mechanically inclined, have a 63 C10 shortbed (also a family heirloom) that I brought back from the brink (lifters, valves, harmonic balancer and all that goes with) and my daily is a Subaru that I do my own maintenance on, including the dreaded timing belt. I don’t wanna spend all my time wrenching but I’m up for challenge and like the idea of working on something others won’t touch. Any and all cautionary tales are welcome.

pic of the old gal. 1993. Getting closer to saying “yes” to this. Garage is full so she’ll have to live in the driveway. At first she’ll just sit. I have a list of priorities on my Chevy that have to come first and I have to build a “nest” of cash and find local mechanics who can pitch in when needed. She is running and will get to stretch her legs from time to time. A cleanup, oil change and then a cover. Florida retirement and preservation for posterity.


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93 has the better ABS system so that's one less headache. These engines aren't really that complicated once you get to know them. If the deal is right I'd jump on it.