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Afternoon all. I use to be a member on this site/forum years ago. I bought my 93 SC new and was a registered member. It's been years since i have been on here and had to register again. Old info and email no longer in the system apparently. I've been trying to look at some posts and all of the links when i click on them say "no posts on this thread" even though it shows posts and threads on the main page for the thread. As for my SC, she has been in storage for the last 3+ years in the garage. Getting ready to replace the battery and start cleaning her up and doing something with it again. I know she's overdue for suspension replacement and some exhaust work. Just wondering what everyone's been doing with theirs and things i should look for and pay close attention to getting road ready again. Planning on new battery, tires, full inspection of all electrical and brake lines as well as brake hardware. Any tips or suggestions?


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In addition to your top level items, I'd check for codes.

When checking fluids, don't forget fresh fuel, brake fluid flush and supercharger oil.