New Old Stock original Ford 1989-1992 Super Coupe wheels


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I posted these for sale 14 years ago, and got zero takers.. So here we go again. They are all in original boxes, stored inside air-conditioned warehouse. They are not blems or rejects:

* E9SZ-1007-B..Wheel, aluminum, 89-92 Super Coupe...$149.00/each, ONLY 20 AVAILABLE.

This is the same price I advertised 14 years ago, and I feel it's a bargain today. Shipping not included, but will be charged at-cost, UPS, unless you happen to be close enough to Ocala FL, Canton MI, Charlotte NC or Ventura CA to pick them up (I can get them there for free on my own trucks).

Call me toll-free at 1-800-976-1117 ext. 4222, or email to order or inquire. Rick Schmidt, National Parts Depot


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