New XR7 owner


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Hey All,

Just got my wheels. They're under roof until spring but I look forward to meeting and speaking with you all. I live in Merrimac, MA. This car should become a regular at Skip's Cruise Night in Merrimac, MA. If you don't know about this place it's a great car show several times during the summer and they serve a good burger and fries. Last time I was there with the the family 64 Riviera (56k miles!) I think there were 250 cars. Here's a link to my public service announcement;

Cheers - Ben


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beautiful ride you got there ! being a 16 year sc owner myself ive only seen an xr7 in person only once :eek: super rare in that condition, good luck with it.


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Nice find and best of luck with it!

I used to live in Haverhill and would visit Skip's often, my youngest son loved their hamburgers. Then we would skip down the road to Hodgie's for ice cream.