Nice 97 F-150 Lariat for SC


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Needing another coupe, figured I'd give this a shot...I'll describe the truck as honestly as I can, with no hidden surprises.

It's a 97 Lariat, 4x4, ex cab, third door, 5.4 V-8, auto, leather, disc changer, cruise, a/c, power windows, etc...all options work flawlessly. I've spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars fixing things, using only quality parts. For starters, I replaced the blend door and actuator, for Ford owners, you know what a pain in the ~~~ that is! Front end almost entirely rebuilt, new upper and lower control arm bushings, shocks, idle air control valve, multi function switch on column, just to name a few. The truck shows 230k, the only way you could tell, is by looking at the odometer. The engine was overhauled by a good friend of mine (who I bought it from), while he was a student at WyoTech.

Runs, drives, shifts great! No serious body damage, only the occasional door ding...looks as though someone's dog liked jumping on the truck tho, the door has a few scratches, not noticeable unless you're close tho. The driver seat, leather, does have some wear, has a seat cover on it, can't tell the difference IMO.

Looking for a manual SC, prefer 94-95, but will look at others. This truck isn't junk, and expect the same in a trade. Private party puts the truck around 5k, trades should be close in value. (Honestly value doesn't bother me too much, as long as both parties are happy).

I can't upload pics for some reason, but will be more than happy to email you some:

I'm located in Gillette Wyoming, the closer the better!