Nice sc on ebay


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Beautiful car!! But with that said all that money put into it and a cheap @$$ sunpro tach? Really? Would have definetly spent the extra money for autometer


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He goes to carlisle every year. He traded his Roush mustang for the car plus cash about three years ago. The car is absolutely flawless


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That's Greg Koneschusky's old car. He and his dad built it and sold it about four years ago. Gorgeous inside and out!


Scott Long

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I'd have to get rid of the SC decals on the seats they are way too big and the vent visors and tach would probably go too. Also it would look good with some 94/95 side moldings.

Nice car, but $12,000 buy it now price holy crap that guy is smoking some good ~~~~. I'd say $5500-6000 would be a good price for the car and even thats a little on the high side.


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but $12,000 buy it now price holy crap that guy is smoking some good ~~~~.

I remember when I thought the same thing about Sean Mattson's red SC and his asking price.

And then I started my rebuild project.

I am now convinced it is much better to buy something like this car already modified and spotless than spending the time and money to do it yourself unless it's the process you love.


Scott Long

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I'll have over $8000 in my SC plus what I paid for the car. I would only ask $6000 for it if I sell it.

That includes:

new paint
new 18" chrome saleen wheels and tires
new interior
built engine w/ heads and cam
lowered suspension
fiberglass cowl hood
HID lights
CD/DVD/MP3 player in dash
all new speakers, subs, and amplifiers
rebuilt trans
new clutch
upgraded fuel system
custom tune
front mount IC
Magnum powers intake, TB, Inlet
nitrous oxide kit
set of slicks and skinny tires for the track

It will be a turn key 11 second show car.

I just know its not worth $12k.

If I listed it for 10-12k and someone bought it, then I'd build another one and still have money left over.


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This was my old car. My dad and I built it over a 4 year period. I sold it about 4 years ago now. I had about 15k in the car. The paint job alone was around 4k. The car made 327 horse and 378 torque. I originally bought the car for 1k when I was 15 and my dad and I worked on it non stop for about 4 to 5 years. Pretty much everything is new on the car and top of the line.

The reason the Sunpro tach is in there is because I got tired of replacing the auto meter tach I originally had in it. After the second bad autometer I switched to Sunpro and hadn't had a problem since. There are lots of parts from supercoupe performance on this car, bill was great to work with during that time.

The. SC is stitched into the headrests, and I agree they were bigger than I was expected.

The current owner put the CD player in it, the wing and the windshield banner. Besides that I thing it's still pretty much the same. If I had the money id buy it back. That car was completely apart, painted and put back together. Every bolt sandblasted, or painted. Lots of hours in the FMIC setup as one wasn't available at the time. My dad and I have a ton of hours into this car, I wish I had it back.

Scott Long

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Hell of a transformation for a $1k car!

What was the reason you originally sold it?

I bought mine when I was 16 and doubt I'll ever sell it although I have been tempted at times.


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Haha thanks, would have definitely started with a nicer one if I did it again. I traded the SC plus cash for a 2005 Roush Mustang.


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"Brining this post back from the dead! I just bought the car back. Super happy to have it back and back in the SC life!"

Always nice to see someone get a second chance with their old car. Hold on to it!