No clips on fuel injectors at rail ??


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Ok some of you know here I bought Anthony Rongo's car the Cop-Trz, if you want to get to know the car look up SilverCasket. Ok,

It suffered some bottom end damage, initial thought was it was hydro locked. I have begun to tear it down and guess what ??
Both head gaskets are fine.

There is slop in the bottom end with bearing material in the lifter galley. The question here is way off point, just saying whats wrong with the car.

My question here is how is it possible for fuel injectors to stay on the rails with NO CLIPS ????
Does this make sense to anybody here
Under pressure would they not just pop off ???
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The fuel rail will hold them in just fine. More then likely Ford put the clips on to hold the injectors in the rail while being assembled to the long block.


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Anthony may have just forgotten to put them back, or lost them, or maybe they didn't fit the bigger injectors properly?


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Thank you

Maybe I should have thought " out of the box " on this issue but everything you guys say makes perfect sense, never thought of it in that way, scarred me at first :eek:

sleeper bird

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the clips do keep them from bottoming out in the rail and then you have a vac leak at the injectors,On kathys car they were all to far in the rail and a few of them had vacuume leaks.