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Hey guys, tried to get my car out of hibernation today and she wouldn't start. The only way to start her up is with key on I have to jumper two bolts on the starter solenoid. Is my ignition switch needs to be replaced or something else?


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Check that red push connector for high resistance.

I just had the same issue. I just cut that wire at the ignition switch, butt connected it ran it to the solinoid and connected it to the plug. And it cranked just fine.

If it’s not that wire, check ur ignition switch to see if it looks damaged or loose.


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As Noah said , check the contact on the red push on friction connector on your solenoid , sometimes all it takes is taking it on and off a few times to get a good contact, but if that does not work , have someone turn the key full on to the starter position [ clutch in if you have a standard ] and check for 12V at the red connector itself while grounded to the neg terminal on the battery , if there is power going to that red connector that takes the ignition out of the equation .
You can then check for continuity between the solenoid mounting flange and the battery ground , if there is no continuity then loosen the solenoid mounting screws and re-tighten to see if that gives you a good contact.


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It sounds like NoahF2001 has bypassed his safety switch's
I don't recommend that, but it's your call.