Odometer repair info...

Kit Sullivan

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My SC had the same odometer problem that a lot do: The crap-tastic gears that Ford installed at the factory crumbled and made the odometer inoperable.
There is a guy named Mike White here in orlando that can fix 'em up quick!

He works at 'JC Auto Air', also known as 'Ice Cold Air'.

The info is:

1526 E. Colonial Drive (corner of Ferncreek)
Orlando, Fl 32803
(407) 896-4661

He charges $90 to repair a loose unit, and $175 to R&R the whole deal. Takes about an hour at the most.

So far I've put a few hundered miles on it and its working great!


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Or if you're mechanically inclined, you can purchase the gear for $27.00 and do it your self.
This is what I did and repaired two speedo's for $50.00.