Operation: Replace Fuel Injectors is underway


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Update again again: I continued the game of unplugging random sensors to try to evoke any changes in performance. When unplugging the MAF sensor I didn't get any positive nor negative response. First time I did a teardown the car went buck-wild with it disconnected, then calmed down when reconnected. Here it does not care, so I dunno if that could also be a problem child.


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Pulled plugs 4, 5, and 6 today. Those are pretty toasted. Something is commanding the cylinders to flood with fuel it seems.
I also did a compression test on 5 and 6. They were respectively 144 and 143, so that rules a mechanical failure out.
Seems like we have bad data or an electrical issue somewhere. Ugh.... This is gonna be a while.
Would the wide open bung on the EGR trick the O2 sensors into thinking it's running lean, perchance? I might getting a mobile welding service out there to cap that off, next.


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