Opps, Should have fixed that


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Well, went to Dominion City for the car show, had a little camaro sitting in front of me doing the speed limit, then slowing down, speeding up and I could see them laughing... well that didn't sit to well wth me on the open road but I had a hill in front of me, so I waited... on the hill, no oncoming traffic... to the floor the pedel went... passed at 140 Kph and thought... what the hell... kept it to the floor, 200 Kph I was happy :D little camaro was just a black speck in the rear view mirror :p ... got to the town and made a wrong turn, figured out where to go and 5 mins later theres the camaro... well the day was fun and then it was time to go back to Winnipeg... got back to my friends, parked, walked infront of the to see the bug splatter and :eek: I'm missing the passenger turn signal lens... opps, i knew it was alittle loose but didn't think I'd ever take it upto those speeds so didn't worry about it to much. :eek:

Well, long story coming to a end... anybody have a spare one they can sell me :eek:

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