Parts Cars and then some


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Life throws you loops all the time.
Anybody with the ability to pick up 4 SC parts cars and a shop full of parts should take note here.
Cars include
1995 5 speed.
1994 5 speed
1994 auto
1990 parts car.
All these cars are in various states of disassembly, got a ~~~~~ load of parts in my shop, bottom line here , do you want to make some $$ here ?? ALL have clean titles. All are parts cars and need to be towed away.

Consider it a fire sale, 2 thousand for the 4 cars plus a shop full of parts is a deal, Anybody up for the task, hate to see them go to the scrapper

Need it gone ASAP.
Contact me at 954-548-1496. Angelo.
Please contact me ONLY if your a serious buyer !!!!! I can scrap all of this and get my asking price, so ?????
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No Angelo has gotten rid of all of it.. I've got all of it could fit in my truck and drive 1000 miles yesterday and 94-95 consoles are gone..