Parts list: 94LX 5x4.5 swap, rear drum to disc swap


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I posted this at TCCOA also but wanted to get as many reviews and opinions as I could. I'm compiling my parts list for everything needed to do the hub swap to 5x4.5 and at the same time, swap rear drum to disc on my 94LX. For those that have completed this swap, will you read over my parts list to make sure I haven't forgotten anything?

SN95 Front hubs (non ABS)
SN95 Front calipers and pads (non ABS)
New retaining nuts

MN12 Rear disc brake knuckles
MN12 Rear disc brake lines
MN12 Disc brake e-brake cables (left and right)
1999 Cobra rear hubs
Rear bearings
New retaining nuts
Cobra rear 11.65" rotors
Cobra calipers and pads
Caliper relocation brackets

After the swap I plan to run 19x8.5 35mm offset and 19.9.5 35mm offset concave wheels. 245 width front tires and I haven't decided on rears. Any issues that you forsee?

good to doo

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On the front I would use 03 mustang calipers, they are 2 piston aluminum and save about 5pounds per side.Never done the rear.


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Also, 2003-2004 use the same banjo bolt the MN12s do; 1999-2002 uses a different pitch bolt. Just to make it easier to install, I'd keep with the 2003-2004 calipers (that's the only difference between them, BTW.)

I ground a relief into my spindles to allow the PBRs to slide all the way down; this didn't take much, I spent more time doing a partial assembly / test / disassembly cycle as I slowly ground off something like 1/32" right where the PBR would hit after enough wear on the pads.