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Not technically a 'seller', Paul services the factory premium JBL audio systems (head unit and CD player). I emailed him to ask about his services and received a VERY detailed reply. He basically does a complete refurb, with a turnaround of less than a week, and charges $160 for BOTH UNITS including shipping.

This was one of the best experiences I've had with someone working on part of my SC. Paul was knowledgeable and professional and *constantly* updated me on the progress of my units. When I got them back they were clean, bright, and sounded like the day I bought the car. As he says, they're actually pretty good systems, but they degrade over the years.

As a bonus, the CD player now works better with CD-Rs and slightly damaged CDs than it did before.

Drop him an email and he'll give you the full run-down of the work he does at

-- Tristan
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Paul Protos…A “Stand-up Guy” on JBL Audio Repairs!

Murphy’s Law can be reversed if Paul Protos <> has repaired your JBL Premium Sound System radio/tape-deck or CD player. I recently had to contact Paul on a failed CD player he had repaired for me several months earlier. (I had learned of his repair service by reading members postings’ of their satisfied dealings with him.) True to his word concerning his 6-month guarantee, he promptly contacted me instructing me to return the unit, volunteering to pay the postage both ways. 11 days later the unit was back in my “BlackBird” playing again (w/a new 6 month guarantee) at no cost. If only other venders were so reputable. Thank You Paul!


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Big Thumbs Up !!!

I must also add my recommendation for Paul Protos regarding Premium Sound radio repair. I sent him the units from both of my 89 SC's for repair after reading all the good feedback on SCCoA.

He communicated frequently and well, turned the units around for me quickly, and the workmanship is top-drawer.

Thanks to Paul for providing such a valuable service to the SC community. I will not hesitate to use him in again if the need arises. Thanks Paul!

Jerry Davis


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TwoTimesSC (Paul Protos) is "The Man" when it comes to reconditioning a factory JBL system. Honorable and a true professional, he has put to shame all the "experts" I've visited in southern New England.

After five sorrow-filled years of trying to find a technician to repair the dead CD player in my '93, Paul had the issues resolved in less than two weeks - including shipping times (he had a couple of other systems already on the bench). Paul will keep you updated on when he can work on your gear and when it is ready. He gets my radio and tape drive next - they work, but could be better.

Don't trash your factory JBL system if you don't have to - it's actually quite good (when it' properly tweaked) and looks nice, too. Thanks, Paul!


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Thank you Mr. Paul Protos

I had the Radio and CD units completely fixed by Paul. He was completely professional and courteous during our entire transaction.

Paul was easy to talk to and came across to me as being genuinely interested in making sure I had a perfectly functioning JBL radio in my bird.

I also thought that the turn around time was phenominal. He basically fixed my radio in about a week's time. Not too shabby at all considering how many circuits there are to check.

I have just completed my return trip from CA to NJ and the radio cranked out the most clear of tunes the entire way. Even in Vegas where it was about as hot as it could get.

Thanks Paul.
Thanks for making SCCOA a great place.
And Thanks for the clear music ( I love playing Higher Quality CD's like the factory sampler disk that came with the car.) (but, that music kinda sucks though) (Still, it's clear like a concert hall). :cool:


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Paul Protos Fantistic Job Restoring OE JBL Head & CD Units

My SC came with an after market Pioneer radio/CD head unit and the OE CD unit inoperable. Working with Ryan Sunquist and Paul Protos we finally tracked down a premier cassette head unit that works with the CD unit. Paul repaired, refurbished & tested both units in a very short time for a very reasonable charge. Both units now look like new. He affixed labels to both units stating that they had been refurbished by him. Very professional. Went to Automotive Options here in Bucks County this afternoon to swap units in case wiring had been butchered. Fortunately the Pioneer had been installed with the proper adapter harness as well as an amplifier bypass harness. Once we removed both harnesses the system sounded fantastic. Had grabbed a Blondie Live CD running out the door to test the system. WOW!! Sound is clear, no distortion no matter how high I pushed the volume, to the point that I could feel the vibrations through my finger tips on the arm rest. Spent 3 hours driving around just listening to Blondie with a silly grin on my face.


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Add my name to the fan club roster. Paul is aces in my book. A class act if there ever was one.

Doug Dwyer


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Paul quickly repaired the cd player of my JBL system AND included the parts he replaced. The cd player works fine and was clearly money well spent.
He's a credit to the S.C./XR/7 community and the site.


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Paul Protos / TwoTimeSC

Paul repaired a CD player for me a few years ago and it is still going strong. I recently sent him a JBL head unit and another CD slave for repair. They sound great, and I get to keep the factory look to boot! Up front he said he was busy, but the turnaround time was plently quick and packaging of the components was first-rate. Great work!



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I highly recommend Mr. Protos as well. When I bought the car a couple months ago the previous owner said that the radio didnt work and that he had it looked at by a proffesional and that the caps were melted? and unrepairable. Through the recomendation of this site I sent the unit off to Paul and within a week or so the unit was back at my door, meticulously packaged, with all the old parts that were replaced(which were a lot) in a little bag. He even readjusted the clips on the side of the unit so it would snap back in correctly. It now tunes and picks up stations better than my daily driver. Super impressed with the turn around time. Reasonably priced @ 145.00 for the refurbish of a premium sound off a 91. I was debating whether to upgrade to a newer unit with all the bells and whistles for not much more money but I can always do that in the future and now I have a factory correct unit that works to reinstall should I upgrade. This is my first experience dealing with a vendor off this site and it was an excellent one so hats off to sccoa for being an invaluable source for stuff like this and Mr. Protos for your quality work. Its rare today to feel like you got more than what you paid for and in this case I do.
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