Periodic no start.


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I had this a few months ago, couldn't possitively ID fuel pump, but not knowing the history I had the entire sending unit replaced along with fuel filter, also took the engine down to the head gaskets and refreshed everything, gaskets and ARP bolts, lifters, plugs, wires, valve stem gaskets, etc...
I got the same no start yesterday, seemed like the pump didn't spool. I had already reset the bump switch and that didn't do anything, lifted the hood looked around, got back in key on, definitely hear fuel spool, starts right up!
I'm think ICRM or wiring, 95 auto.


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ircm in my 94 5spd was bad when i bought the car, i yunk the pump and swapped it out just for the new pump to only last 2 primes and it died too, it was a junk walbro but still that shouldn't have happened so quickly

a volt meter quickly told me 2v at the pump wasn't sufficient

culrpit... ircm


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I have similar issue. Turn ignition on everything but fuel pump and starter turn on. Random. Sometimes only then happened more regularly.Turns out it was corrosion on the terminals in under hood fuse block. Disconnect battery, pull apart and clean.