Possibility of HG leaking?


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I got injectors and heads back like 1.5 weeks ago but I havent dont anything else LOL. I am wondering if I should do the timing cover while everything is easy to access. But AT the same time I dont want to do it because I dont want to get a new harmonic balancer since its almost 700 dollars it seems :(. Advice? For sure water pump is going to be new since the previous own put way too much rtv so when i pulled the head a few water passages in the head gasket was clogged with a 10 inch piece of RTV.

Do you guys think i should just bite the bullet and do the timing cover as well?

PS: have just been cleaning things i took off since theres alot of rat poop and piss. Also i have been soaking and cleaning the intake manifold bolts and some of them seem rusty/minor pitting. Should I be concerned? Already want to do new ARP intake bolts but not sure if theres a difference between hex and flanged bolts there since for some reason ford used a hex bolt here. First time I have seen a hex bolt used in automotive application when it comes to the motor.


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If you do the timing cover there is an Allen head key on the lower right of timing cover under the power steering pump area but it's very hard to see when I had my engine out doing my broken balancer I didn't see it due to it being full of gunk and broke my timing cover and had to source another one