Possible Trade: 1990 Cougar XR7


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Testing the waters about possibly trading my 1990 Cougar XR7 for something else. Nothing in particular, but just some ideas: Ford trucks, Broncos, land yachts, etc.

My Cougar is somewhere in the fair to rough category. Body is ok. Rusty rockers, has hit a deer (bent hood, missing grill, broken turn signal). Interior is also ok. Black leather, seats are worse for wear but mostly complete. Windows won’t roll down, cruise doesn’t work, brights don’t work, radio doesn’t work, automatic seatbelts are slow, power seats sort of work, mirrors sort of work, will need brakes soon, and has a studder if you get into the boost. Quite frankly, the only thing it does do is run and drive. Im at the point now where either I want to trade it for something and let someone else fix it up or fix it up myself and drive it. Lemme know if you have something you wanna trade (I’m probably not willing to add cash to the offer unless it’s something I really want). I can send pics if someone is interested


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I'd offer my Explorer, but I think it's a bit more of a project than I can do right now.

And you're probably not close to Nebraska, otherwise I'd still be tempted... yes, I have a problem.

Good luck with offers/trades!