Prior Remanufacturing Warning


SCCoA Member
I've had two ABS Assemblies back and forth to Prior Remanufacturing, in whole or in part, 8 times in the past year, 6 times since October, 3 times since February. Several issues with partial or complete failure with their remanufactured and subsequently repaired Assemblies. In the past 6 weeks two initially remanufactured and subsequently repaired units have had internal rear seal failures, dumping the contents of the brake fluid reservoir into the driver's foot well. While Prior has been great over the phone and repaired the Assemblies at their cost each time I'm getting an average of 325 miles before near catastrophic failure of the ABS Assemblies. Prior has told me that they have rehired a retired employee with long expertise in these units, changed procedures to ensure no foreign matter is left in these units during remanufacturing and otherwise revisted their process to ensure all units are handled properly. My experience is that the repaired units have been failing even quicker, with more serious issues. Other owners have reported complete satisfaction with Prior remanufactured units in the past so maybe the problems with their process is only in the past year.