Project GTFD (SVO V6)


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I thought I heard an echo from the bottom of the well! So much has been done since my last post, it's hard to summarize. My vanity tells me that many have been following along on FB. If not, just make some requests here and I can toss some pics/details in.

She did break a rod, but the car's in rolling race condition. One rod just failed, which I'm suspecting was caused by a series of backfires from crank signal loss. Bearings were good and no signs of detonation, so just a bad rod (R&R custom forged H-Beam ($250/rod).

Converting to odd-fire, getting some aluminum rods and dished pistons (should help with the quench/timing issues). Jay helped out with providing an odd fire cam, but our preliminary measurements show that the semi-ground, unfinished versions of the cams are quite low in duration which will make it tough to have enough lobe to go from 106 LSA to 112 LSA. Gonna put the cam on the doctor to see what it actually is.

The skirt of a couple of cylinders broke, so had to mag it, which checked out okay; we'll sleeve a couple to salvage. Heads needed about .004" taken off of them since the piston hit the head and all of the valves were faced and lapped with seats.

At this rate, I hope the shortblock is ready to get put together by April. The shop is crawlin.

As far as adjustments with the car goes, I found the 38mm WGs are too small, so upgrading those to some Turbosmart 45mm WGs. With the 38s, the turbos would spool at 4500, then start spiking once it hit VTEC at 7k. I don't really care that it was doing that, since this motor will literally run all of the boost those turbos can create, but still best practice to have all control factors in place. I'm also ditching the stock cobra brakes for some Wilwoods, so should save another 25 lbs. So far I'm about 3250 with me in it. The same window company I used for the polycarbonate front and rear windshields, I also had make me a sunroof cover sheet for. This will be nice to make removable for when I want to complete the 25.5 cage and will help with a little sunshine!


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Sure! In 2017, I got the car running around October timeframe, so not much time to enjoy it. My winter project turned into cutting the car all apart and putting a cage in it, but needed to do a 25.5 cage (7.50-8.50 ET) because my goals were faster than 8.50s. This would require lots of floor cutting, removal of all the rubber insulation, spot weld drilling, you name it and it was touched. I bought my own tubing bender with a few different bending dies, tube notcher, and a nice little "Cage Gage" that allows you to mock up a tube by simulating bend angles with PVC tubing. Really helped me reduce waste of the costly chromoly tubing. So needless to say, I build the cage out of straight tubing stock (20+ foot sticks). I redid the ladder bar setup too, since all of that needed to be tied into the cage. I kept the rear as-is except bracing the housing. Mostly built from scratch.

25.5 cage
Beef up rear end housing
Anti-roll bar (sourced parts from Applied Racing Technologies)
Ladder bars
Steering column
Electronic panel/wiring
Polycarbonate Windshields
Fiberglass Mustang dash (lotsa rifraf about that one haha)

Lots of changes in life happened in 2017, so the following years haven't allowed for high productivity until 2020/covid. I was able to work at home, saving me 2 hours of driving, and even had a nice little furlough of 8 hours so had 3 day weekends for several months! That's when I finally got her running again in 2020.

Cage Fab:

All the other stuff:

Feel free to reference photos and comment/question :)

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Sounds like you are doing the ole SC Shuffle, just on a BIGGER scale than most of us. Is that last video when it broke ?