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For some that are just getting into purchasing the above tuning tools. You can quickly read and view the chart so you have an idea of what it is all about.

From the BE user guide.
1.3.1 EEC
The Ford Electronic Engine Control module also known as EEC or ECM or PCM
1.3.2 Strategy, Definition
The strategy and or definition are the part of the code within the EEC that defines
what and how the EEC operates. The strategy defines where all of the parameters
will reside within the EEC’s memory (Memory Map).
1.3.3 Catch Code, Tare Tag, Binary, Tune, Calibration
Ford EEC’s have two parts to the software. The first part is known as the Strategy
(AKA Definition) which tells the EEC where the memory locations are (Memory Map)
and how to perform calculations (The algorithms that perform engine control). An
example of a strategy is GUFB.
The second part of the software is known as the calibration (AKA catch code, tune,
tare tag and or binary). The calibration is the raw data that gives the strategy its
inputs for calculations. The idle set point and spark tables are an example of the
data within the calibration. An Example of the calibration code is A9L."


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