Radio install: Removal of the fluid lights and change meter


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Hey guys. I really want a double din in my 89 with stuff like back up cam and nonsense. But half the space is taken by that meter above the radio. Does anyone know if it's cool just to take out the whole mother board or will it mess with things. Thanks ,
P.s new to owning this. Any advice on a double din install is appricated


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AFAIK, the harness is in all SCs whether or not the VMM is installed, so you should be ok to run without it if you want.

As for a double din, there was someone here that did it, but I recall one owner went so far as to mold in the bezel so it looked original.

I wanted a 7" screen, but opted for a loaded single din with pop-out display. That way I kept the same install basics and still enjoy a larger display. Be aware there isn't a lot of room behind the head unit, so be prepared to remove material if the unit you use has a ton of leads. Mine has more than two dozen, but I have 5.1 surround, GPS, 3 cameras, hands-free calls, 9 speakers, and 2 zones, not to mention of course radio and DVD capabilities. As well, sticking w/single din means the VMM remains.

When I start the car, the head unit extends the display (articulated), and when shut down, the display retracts, giving a near stock look.


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Tim Groth

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Dave Clark has a double DIN setup


Can be done...more work than a single din flip out option. Just depends on the amount of work you want hacking up the dash.

Removal of the VMM and harness left in the dash isn't a big deal.