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User Name: Randall Burnett

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Comments: This guy was beyond belief in a good way. He worked with me even when it wasn't in his favor and got the issue(s) resolved without name calling or anything negative.

Mailed him parts and they were damaged in the shipping. I was unable to get repairs made by the shipper. (Couple day process) Went out of town for work and was out for about 2 weeks. We came to agreement how to rectify the situation. He waited another week for me to ship the agreement and apologized for asking about the shipment. He had absolutely no reason to apologize. I was the one slowing the process down.

Just great to work with and both parties are satisfied with the result. Not the result either of us preferred, but left the deal on good terms. Just a great guy!!
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good parts

i know randle for the few years through a good freind ,i myself have benn to his place and bought parts from him that he shipped by mail.helped me out in a jam,i thought i had parts...........he beats me hands down.good guy to know and deal with.thx tony.