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PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH RANDY BAKER! If he treats people that do business with him like this I really recommend that nobody do business with him ever again! My goal is he never treats any other member of SCCoA.com like he has me and steal your money!

For those of you that don’t know I recently sold a MP FMIC to Randy Baker so he could run good times at the shootout this year. Timeline as follows:

Sat September 25th: Randy Contacted me about purchasing the IC, was on a time restraint and needed it by Tue Sep 28th. Told Randy as long as payment cleared I would have it overnighted to him on Monday Sep 27th.

Sunday September 26th. Randy Contacted me telling me that payment had been sent and was cleared for me. I check my Paypal account and no funds, so I email Randy and let him know the situation. He said Funds would clear from his bank at 7:30am Central time.

Monday September 27th. Money not cleared. Email sent to Randy and off to school/work. Come home at 4:30 to see payment still not cleared. Also Randy had posted multiple bad things about me on SCCoA.com because of my lack of response for being at work and not sending out his “property” which still wasn’t paid for. He called me and we had a nice little conversation, which I pointed out that payment had not cleared and I’m not out to lose $1200! Everything was straightened out and blamed on paypal not going through. Amazingly 15min after talking to Randy on the phone payment cleared magically. The down part is he paid with a credit card and told me he didn’t. So I get charged $35.10. He said he would pay that back with proof that paypal did infact charge the $35.10.

Tue September 28th. IC is out first thing in the morning. Then school, as I get home to see many more bad things posted about me because I didn’t send tracking numbers at like 10am pacific standard time. More and more trash talking from Randy how I am a “thief and liar” and I stole his money.

Wed September 29th. Randy receives IC and makes up some story about how parts are missing. All parts are included and nothing was left out.

Sat October 9th. I contact Randy at his home phone number and ask for him. His wife was kind not knowing who I was. Randy answers and alls I say was “Hi Randy, This is Zach” and he jumps into yelling “I’m not sending you no ******* 35 dollars, you can cram it up your ***, I should come out there and whoop your ………………..” and hung up on me! What a real man. Its real easy to threaten a man that lives 2000k miles away isn’t it.

Randy N Connie

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Yes I am a bad buyer.And I will always be a bad buyer when I am shorted parts.

And when I and my wife receive harrassing phone calls THAT WERE RECORDED

And Yes I will always be a bad buyer when someone trys to extort more money than agreed upon.Or I will be listed here.I have paid for these parts in full.But I still have not received all of the complete parts agreed on.And yes I
have proof to back every word I have written.Zack you have not shown any proof nor do you have any proof other than you were paid in full .To GIVE to this board to prove your slanderous remarks.

I am proud to be listed here.This shows that I will not bend by extortion type
tactics for my money.And you still have not takin responsibility to replace the parts that I did not receive.

I will also be turning this post over to my attorney to see if any action can or will be taken in a civil court of law.

Proud to be a bad buyer.



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Randy, I dont mind what actions you take what so ever. I tried to call and find out what part was missing and upon introducing myself I get threatened and cussed out and hung up on. Still like I have posted I have no idea what part was missing and have stated all parts were included which I still stand by. You say FedEx was there when you opened it to expect that everything was there, how does he know whats in this whole kit? Do what you may, I know you have stated once that would would take care of the $35.10 as long as proof that I was indeed charged. I have sent you a copy of this transaction and will also post it here. Do what you may and say what you may but still you are wrong. You say you have everything to backup everything that you said and thats only because you have later gone and reedited out most of your posts that get you in trouble. Alot of people have seen our posts and most seemed to have agreed apon my way of thinking compared to yours. Zach