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Some time ago I ordered and sent payment to Randy for two intakes. At last years shoot out we had talked and I was told that my one manifold was on the way. Then it needed more work, then it was too cold then,then,then..... You get the drift. Now today I get back in the mail one manifold that is not even the one that he was sent.... Was it modded ??? NO ... there any reason given??? NO...Two years and only one manifold that is not 100 % but that's ok.....
Three weeks ago he called to "vent" and said that it was almost done. Now I get nothing... He said that he is losing $$ on this manifold after HE set the price... Maybe I am wrong to beleive that if you give a price for the raised top manifold and it turns out that it is more than you had in mind that you should get more for it. Well either way this sucks, and he still has the $$$ for one manifold and inlet.
Some people live by their word, others just blow a lot of hot air..... Stage one, stage two ect... It is really funny how others have gotten the stuff after others, maybe they have more pull or maybe some people just have better luck....
Well this is not over, you used the US mail[ mail fraud] and you used the internet, so guess what is coming your way Randy......
You can feel free to call me and try to "VENT" as you call it, but the bottom line is you have still to do what you were paid to do....
You can cry all you want, but I kept every e-mail and post on these manifolds. Even the ones where I told you where to raise them and how much you would charge me for it as it was my idea.......
So let the courts work this one out, unless someone wants to make it right, that would be you Randy....
Even at the shoot out you said that my raised manifold was done, but you wanted to test it first...... Still waiting, instead I get a old manifold back with a note that says "no more mods" Thanks for taking two years almost to cheat someone....................Rich

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Rich please print all you want. In the end you will help prove yourself
to be an unreasonable person that do's not tell the hole truth.

Now if you want to know who designed the first raised manifold.
I can give you Charles Warners phone number.I did not know
this myself. nor had I ever seen or knew at the beginning that
there was anyone that had ever built a raised manifold.
Who designed the larger plenum,Chris Wise. Who design the
plenums spliter ,EMS for David N.

Do you remember the first order you made and payed for.
Mike was to weld all the manifolds/plenums. Well MIKE ask and said he needed some work.I told him about my idea of buildin different Stages of
the stock casted manifold/plenum. He stoped making manifolds/plenum.
One reason he did not want to work for people like you. So this
left me with you that demanded your manifolds/plenum to be finish.
So I went out and spent $7000.00 for tools to build your $250.00
dollar stageI manifold, two of them. And I completed this order.
You then changed your mined ,you now what a air splitter added
to plenum.So I did this rework of the plenum..No extra charge.

I told you that after testing, you would get your StageI manifolds.
And I was starting on a STAGE II manifold /plenum. You then
tell me that you what to change your order to a StageII. So I scrap
the two stageI manifolds/plenums after working every day for
1/1/2 month for $250.00 per manifold.

During the Build of the 2 stageII manifold plenums that you change your
order to. You are up to 6 plenums/manifolds being built for you.
I told you after the second order change you made for the stageII
that you will owe me more money.. You said no problem. During this
build.I also told you that I had COAP and I was coughing up blood.
You did not care about my health, you demaned your manifold now.
So When I had 1 STAGEII manifold finshed, tested and ready to
shipped to you.You then tell me you don't want the two stageII
manifold/plenums.So you shipped one stageII manifold/plenum back.
You want to change your order.You now want me to build you
Two stageIII manifold /plenum. And I would like to add you never
payed for the shipping.

So now after working for well over 5 months for you.Building you 6
versions of modified manifold/plenums I tell you I cannot afford or
have the health to work for you any longer. You then stepped up your
bully control tactics even more. I tell you I will make your son a
raised manifold.And only your son. And it would not be delivered until
all testing was finished. And it and all manifold delivered to you would
need to be payed for in full. one stageII that you returned.and full
payment for stageIII .

In the end its simple buisness Rich. I completed my jobs for you.
You could not pay your bills, so you will not receive any manifolds
from me. I worked for over 760 hours for you. I bent over backward
to get along with you. I am thousans of dollars in a hole. just to
help mike get a job. and to be slandered & abused by you.

So the coments that you have made in the past.
That You did not get your orignal manifolds/plenums back.
This was stated like, and ment to say I am a theaf.
You did not get your original manifold/plenum back. Because of
order changes made by you..I sent one of you manifold
back.You shipped back to me. You got your original
manifold back.You yourself orded your original manifold/plenums
scraped,for another order change. So I am not a theaf like you have
slandered me with this identity with the help from George in
the bad seller forum. I finished a total of 7 manifolds /plenum
orders for you.

I donot make manifold or even want much to do with them.
You Rich, are the single person that stopped manifold development
to be shared with others from my dirrection.

And Rich of all the people that work to improve the design
of the stock manifold/plenum. You do not have one once
to do with any type design changes. The only contribution
that you made was being (Edit by Admin) that killed the best
manifold project ever started for are cars to date.

Rich If you would of not treated me like a peice of dirt during
are manifold build talks. And still today making your smart remarks.
You could of had a tested pro-built manifold and not lifted your head.
I look at your head gasket problems as payback for for abusive
mouth and non-full-payment..
Thank you SC headgasket god for breaking it off on Rich.
Somtimes life doe's get close to being fair.

Thanks Randy
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even more mixed up now.

After rereading this I am not sure how many manifolds that you claim that I ordered, nor are you. .. Just not sure if I ever got all the manifolds that you claim that I wanted...I only ordered two, not six, but I got one that needed to be finished...........Rich