Registered, paid, but can't make the Shootout. Partial refund available?


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Don't want to put the club in a bind, but is a partial refund a possibility? I don't recall the payment terms.

I'd still like the annual swag bag, and if someone could mail it to me, that would be cool. I'm willing to pay for that, obviously.


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Purchase your registration??

I haven't registered yet, was just about when I saw this.
If it's allowed, I could purchase your registration.
I messaged Pat about registration options, as I might not have my car back together, but would still want to run another car. When I hear back, I can ask him about that too.

Pat DiPersia

SCCoA Admin
We're far enough out that we can do a refund. Not sure about the swag bag and such. Biggest piece is the t-shirt. We could ship one up there for $25 (I think) if you want and credit the rest.