Removal and Installment of Wiper Motor Tray


SCCoA Member
Out of curiosity, is there an "easy" way to remove/install the wiper motor tray?
The wiper motor and vacuum manifold gibs get hung up on the plenum every time I would do an install/uninstall. My solution would be to just shimmy it back and forth clearing the different protrusions on it little by little. I got curious while pondering over my injector issues if anyone has any tricks up their sleeves they wish to share because I have a gut feeling it's going to need to come out again, and that part is the worst.
Little by little shimmy here shimmy there and hope to not hear the dooming sound of cracking plastic is the only way I know
The wiper tray isn't horrible to remove. Remove screws from the top of the cowl, unhook the washer fluid line. Then there are several 8mm bolts that hold the lower tray to the body. Most are in the tray itself but there are one or two one the bottom as well. Unplug the wiper motor and it should come right out.