Reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers

Rodeo Joe

SCCoA Member
Does anyone know of reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers, I got to make the new battery look nice!

I feel your pain. I replaced my battery a few years ago because it had a slightly dented corner. I've been trying to find underhood decals with no luck, but maybe you can get a local decal or wrapping company to make you some. I got some decals years ago from the company that made the OEM decals, but they stopped making them in 2005 and they didn't have all of them. I got a few though. Side note: the woman at that company was a total b!tch with a capital C. I can't remember the company name.
Was it Osborn Reproductions? I think that's who I worked with to recreate the brake booster sticker that usually falls off. Mine was barely attached, so I removed it and sent it to them to recreate. They were great to deal with in the late 90s
I'm not having much luck finding one, but I did this. Is it close enough? I might try what Norm-L suggested and see if I can get it made.