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Robert, it is unfortunate that it has come to this, but I feel you have had more then enough time to resolve this. I have emailed you and you have not responded today when you stated you would square this away. This should have been your main priority.

For all others, this pertains to this thread:

Paypal'd on the 26th, and the rims were supposed to be shipped the following day.
Originally he stated he was selling his car and no longer needed the rims. I bought the rims and didn't hear from Robert for a week. When he finally touched base back with me he stated he bought another SC, that is why he didn't have time to email me back. Guess that is where my money went.
He has since decided to keep the rims because he has another SC. He clearly stated he was going to Paypal me back and has yet to. On top of that he has said he doesn't have the money because it was used for other things.

SO, here I wait. Robert claimed he was going to square me away today and Paypal me the funds. Nothing as of yet.

This is one of the emails I had recieved from Robert, I won't go crazy posting the others as this one pretty much explains it.

Skip, i must sincerly apologize, i was out of town most of the week and havent got to reading all my emails and msgs, as you might have read in most post i was going to sell the rims because i sold my sc, im in the process of grabbing another and thats what had me tied up, and the one i am getting was going to have rims on it, well to lower price i am having them taken off, so i now wanna keep my i say i must sincerly apologize, i have a very good rep on sccoa with numerous postive feebacks and hate i had to do this.
i will paypal you you funds back to you will a lilttle extra and enough to cover the fee.
If there is anything i can do more, plez let me know


I will take this down immediately once we are squared away. I have been boned big time the last few months for literally thousands and I am done with people's blatant ignorance in screwing other people and using me for a bank.

This goes to show anyone with any rep. can give you the bone.

The choice Robert, is either the rims you promised, or the money I sent. It's not a hard decision. If you don't have the money, send the rims and be done with me.


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More than once

Seems V8Supercoupe isn't the only one. :mad:

Lets talk about a warm welcome to the SCCOA.
In no way is it the forums fault

I also made a deal to purchase the same set of rims from Robert through PM's

I made two payments each for half of the balance. The first on 5/27, the second on 5/30. My first payment seems to have been made after the rims had already been purchased:confused: He was fully aware I was making these payments, even had to accept them through paypal.

This email confirms that Robert Zibilske has accepted the $XXX.00 USD
you sent.

My situation is much like the one above. No need to repost the details.
After almost 2 weeks I recieved a PM from Robert stating he has changed his mind and wants to keep the rims. After I had asked if he would be able to ship them out this week.

I also would like to have my money back. Soon I might add.
When did we become Roberts private bank?

Has anyone else purchased the same set?
Come to think of it the pictures I recieved in an email are the same as posted in a Feb. for sale thread started by him. When I asked him about it he told me that this was a different set and it had already been sold.

Kind of gets me to wonder if he even had these to begin with.

I think that is all for now.
Hopefully everything works out.


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You may want to look it up, but anymore doing things such as this on the internet is just as bad as robbing someone’s house, without the breaking and entering of course. My suggestion would be get together with everyone who has prove of payment to Robert have all documents in hand and present it to Law Enforcement. I would have to also say that with it being in different states it probably falls under some type of Federal Jurisdiction. Looks like he has gotten atlest 5 of you, probably more from other sites unknown, so the minimum he has stolen is $3000.00. But I dont see that everyone going to separate local police offices is going to get any action taken as it will be presented as a $600 theft (Local police isnt going to listen to what happened to someone 1000miles away on your club's site) rather than a $3000+ theft and proof that he has been doing this to others.. This guy is just like all of the other crooks/theifs. He has a taste of what he can do/make off of being a "internet crook". If its not stopped, this wont be the last time this happens. The best suggestion as to who to present this to would be the Texas State Police, This guy's full name from the members page is Robert Zibilske, I just looked a Zibilske up on and they said wrong number when I called and asked for him, I wouldnt have my number in the phone book ethier if I stole money from people in the interenet.. Anyway you also probably should get ahold of this guy below who from the tccoa site says he is freights with robert, probably could get you some contact information. Take it from myself who has had to collect money from family owned aparments from people like this before, go threw the "great" legal system... It will take probably 6-8 months, but if you have the time, eventually you'll be getting monthly payments for your money, provided directly from roberts' paycheck. Ok we'll I've rambled enough. Hope it gets resolved and Robert gets stopped.

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Guys I am truly sorry to hear this. I have been friends with Robert for awhile now and have never known him to be a bad guy. I cant believe im reading what was done to everyone on both of these forums. I will try to get in touch with him to see whats going on and will try to help everyone get their money back. Again im appalled to hear this news and will try to get ahold of him.


Hope it works out,

Mike Orender
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The detectives in his town won't do anything til I fill out a report locally. They will then work with that case number and detective from what I understand. I have been in touch with what appears to be the right people.

I have a bunch of his information, enough to go knocking on his door myself, so i think I have a pretty good starting point.



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I was told by the state police that reporting a theft had to be initiated in the residence of the plaintiff. Hence calling your local police station, having them connect you to the detective bereau and they will coordinate things with the other plaintiffs.


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To update everyone I my situation, he made good by sending final payment.

Thanks to everyone involved, and those who took it upon themselves to get involved.



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i should have looked first

wonderful, i sent him some money for a minor part. at least it was only 23 dollars. dumb of me not to look first. i will have to see if i get ripped off or not.


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wonderful, i sent him some money for a minor part. at least it was only 23 dollars. dumb of me not to look first. i will have to see if i get ripped off or not.

It May have also been good to make your post after the transaction is completed too, or at least send me a msg inquiring.
Also look at the last post before, all was settled.
feel free to also post me back up on the good sellers list there also.