rock auto &fedex rip off

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So I needed some parts from rock auto and I ordered them. they said I would have them by 1-4 22. Well no show, then the tracking says 1-5-22 so ok something got mixed up, no big deal.
So then on the 1-5-22 date they "fed ex" claim that they put the parts on my front step. So I look and nothing was there.. So now to add to this mess it had been snowing some and there was no foot prints in the snow??? FUNNY??
So I contact fedex and they claim it was delivered per their driver?? but he must be able to fly as he never left one foot print?? I keep trying to get someplace with them but no good.
So now I go back to Rock auto and put in a claim for lost package. They tell me to check back in 6 business days to see what has been found by fedex. Then if nothing has turned up I can reorder my parts..
So here I sit with a garage stall tied up with a truck all apart and all I am getting from anyone is a run around... This is how you run a good company?? I am not able to use the truck or the garage stall and no one gives a damn.
I guess I just wanted to let everyone know what a mess this has turned into so when you order parts for your SC what might happen. They have said that maybe someone grabbed the package from the front step, but they too must know how to fly as they did not leave any tracks either.. Oh well I guess I will have to wait another week to maybe get my parts.....Rich
That's sucks I know it's a long shot but a friend has a similar issue very commonly he lives on 97th st north... Well 2 blocks from his house is north 97th st.... Not the same street as the word north is on the other end of the street name any chance your street has something similar luckily for him he has somewhat gotten to know the family in the other house and they just call each other and straighten it out amongst themselves
no luck on that. I live out in the country and there is no other address's that would even get close. That was one think that I liked about being out here, there are no other people in this small Oh well I guess I just have to wait out this crap to see where it all goes.
Any chance it went to neighbors house by mistake? UPS has done this to me by just dropping off my packages at my neighbor across the street.

I ordered a trailer axle, not delivered.
The online company sent another axle.
It arrived, trailer fixed.

three months later, the first axle is found leaning on my mailbox post.

The address was correct on the shipping label.

What and where was tthe axle doing for three months?
no but the bank is sending them notice of stop payment if they can not resolve this by the end of the week. I like Racecougar's idea and think that might be a better way of buying on line from these places...Rich
so today fedex says that the package is lost so contact rock auto. So now i just spent 1/2 hour going round and round on their web site and got NO WHERE. What a great company NOT to do business with.. even their web site sucks big time....So now I just sit here and pound sand....Rich
update... I got my money posted back to my card. So after telling rock auto I was going to the news people as well as the state of Wisconsin within 45 minutes I got a e-mail stating that the charges would be returned.
Why do you have to go thru so much trouble to make a simple purchase. sad part is I have ordered a ton of stuff from them over the years and then get treated like this. Oh well I can go on from here....Rich