SC is ready for Carlisle


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I'm still going through the last minute thrash trying to get things done, this will be the longest trip I've taken the tbird on since it was basically stock, also my first time going to Carlisle so I can't wait...

David Neibert

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Car looks great David!

Be painting the Black 94 this weekend..hopefully this $500 project car will look like it belongs.

Excited to see everyone and catch up.


Thanks Tim, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone too. Drove car to work today just to make sure it's all good. So far everything is working correctly.

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You guys should come to the CJs pony cruise Friday morning. Don't think I have ever seen a SC there. I just finished getting the car looking decent. Didn't make it a priority to install the rear I built with 3.73s so I guess I'm stuck at 27MPG was shooting for 30.

Tim Groth

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Sealer primer is now laid down. Car won't be making the show, as the list of bugs is longer than I feel comfortable with..but moving the needle.


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