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Hnag with teh NJ boys? Old and new. Contact Bryan at 5512069809 for info and address His zip is 08480 if you are trying to figure out what the drive would be. Check the NJ chapter forum for updates

Hey everyone!

Myself and Joe Brauner will be hosting a 'mini' meet at my house in West Milford Saturday October 18th. This is sorta a NJTaCC resurrection meet but anyone with an MN-12 or FN-10 is welcome! I have plenty of parking so I'm hoping we get a good turnout and some nice group pictures against the fall foliage. There is many great places for pictures by me and we can also have a nice cruise around the reservoirs and Clinton Road (yes, the "haunted" Clinton Rd). I'm up for bringing back the "tech session" if anyone wants to do something that won't take us all day. I have a big detached garage, a lot of tools, and an air compressor.

Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided along with my unlimited delicious well water (tight budget here ) but please bring your drink of choice. Also you may bring a side or something to throw on the BBQ if you want. (not required)

I'm hoping for a big turnout and to see many old and new faces!

More details to follow...