sc parts , engines and transmissions


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I just picked up an SC parts car with a running engine. This one was in an accident but the engine still works. as the car was driving when it was hit there are a ton of good working parts.

-running engine $800.00 OBO
-Working automatic Transmission $350.00 OBO
-Super charger$200.00 OBO
-Brake booster/master cylinder$250.00 OBO
-Rear sub frame from an auto with the pumkin etc $300.00 OBO or I will seperate parts if needed
- 92 front spindles and brakes $200.00 OBO
- 92 gas tank and retaining hardware$150.00 OBO

Trunk lids, doors, rebuildable 5 speed trans, tons of interior pieces, 3 consoles, fold down seats, computers, DIS VMM etc.
Make offers for the small things and if you buy something big and need some small pieces I will make you a deal.

MY e-mail is or phone 780 410-0981

Best Regards,
John Ludorf

I sold my 89 out thier in about 1996 it was midnight blue with a gey interior probably over 300k by now as it has 212,000~ when I sold it