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Randall Burnett

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Time for the collection of SC parts to find a new home. All factory 89-95 SC used parts. Some 89-90 XR-7 specific items.

Engine components - Superchargers, plenums, piping, brackets, manifolds, intercoolers, t-stat housing, injector rails, injectors, throttle body's, oil pans, alternators, a/c compressors, wiring, heads, valve covers, internal parts, nuts and bolts, coil packs, radiators, cooling fans, relays and so much more

Transmission cross members, flywheels and adapter plates, wire harness, shifters, 5 speed items

Several Early Anti lock brake parts. Also one complete teves unit

Interior plastic trim in various colors, 89-93 rear leather folddown seats (grey, anniversary), black leather passenger seat complete with motor, seat switch trim, auto seat belt tracks, complete instrument clusters with various mileages, steering wheels and columns, e-brake handles, consoles and tops, Dash components, air bags, JBL speakers, amps, rear speaker covers, sun visors and more.

Exterior ground effects in many colors, 92-95 style trunk lid in black with key, 89-93 style black front bumper cover with corner light openings, 94-95 white front bumper cover
89-92 style 16" wheels in alloy and black, 93-95 16" wheels with center caps, rear reflector panels, corner lights, headlight header panel, moldings, door glass, rear quarter windows,

Trunk carpet, package tray with good mounting tabs, aluminum spare wheels, jacks, spare tire covers

EEC's for auto and manual, ARC and anti lock brake computers, most relays and other electronics for these cars

image.jpgimage.jpgView attachment 64459image.jpgimage.jpgAll parts located in Poughkeepsie NY 12603. Willing to ship most things.

I will be going to Carlisle June 3rd. My wife will be coming on the 4th. If you are going to the show and want to avoid shipping on parts, this is your chance. Prefer all parts to be paid for in advance.

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More parts pictures

Found two 94-95 style wheels. I also have center caps for these and the early rims. Pair of rear interior sail panels in black and good shape. Lots of interior trim. Manual passenger seat bottom.
Have a lot more stuff I wil be going through. Just ask if there's something you need. Feel free to make offers also.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

How many aluminum spares do you have? Looking for 4 of them in 16". I have no clue as to what they go for so what are you wanting to get for them? Shipping to 63087.
Thank you!
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Aluminum spares

Hi, I have five of the temporary aluminum spares available. These are the factory SC spare in 15".
If you want the regular 16" SC aluminum wheels, I have another set available.

After many searches I don't believe that the spare 15's will clear the calipers on my mk8. I'll keep my eyes open for some 16's.
Thank you.
Early model

The rear seats are 89-93 style. The 94-95s have a different bottom section due to seatbelt changes. I believe the back portion is the same.
Fog light

looking for console fog light switch with working light ,also external plastic cowl pieces 1990 SC
The rear seats are 89-93 style. The 94-95s have a different bottom section due to seatbelt changes. I believe the back portion is the same.

Interested in the black rear seat and passenger seat. I do not need the metal/ electric base though.
Shipping to 75056
Pm me the detail and price.
Would you please give me a quote for the rear grey leather seat back (vertical) shipped to 97401 please? Calling dibs until I know what it costs with shipping. Do you take PayPal?