SC spotted, what's the odds?


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How often do you see other Super coupe's, or 89-90 XR7's, when out driving around, especially if you are driving your SC? How long has it been since even spotting a random SC on the road, or parked? Last week I was driving my 1989 5 spd. through a somewhat small town near me, and I saw a my twin parked at a pizza joint. I turned around, and pulled up next to it, and took this picture. It was a 89/90, same color, but with a black interior, and a automatic. Nice body, trim, and paint. Clean inside, too. Mine is on the far side, with the paint falling off the bumper.
9-21-2023 (Small).jpg
I saw one in town last week. And another on the road about 2 hours north of me last month. Looking to adopt my uncles 92, in effort to keep it on the road and in the family.