SC swap/ECM programing


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I put a 92 SC motor in 94 mustang with a manual transmission it had a V6 in it my question is I didn't get the ECM with the SC motor and I'm wondering if I can just reprogram or chipped the one in the mustang wouldn't it be the same as just put a after market super charger on a V6 mustang any help would be appreciated
Sounds like a question that should've been asked prior to the swap, I'll be interested to see what the responses are.

What clutch did you use? Mustang trans should have a smaller diameter input shaft. I'm pretty sure it'll de-rate power & set
a code for clutch slip with the Mustang trans, which has different ratios then the M5R2. Crank speed vs. trans output speed mismatch in 3,4,5
I used the same flywheel clutch and plate from the mustang the transmission is a t5
A 1994 Mustang with a V6, should be a EEC-V, OBD2 system. The 1992 SC is a EEC-IV, OBD1, so you might need all of the SC's engine, and ECM,(PCM), wiring harnesses. Also the SC uses a IRCM, that has the PCM power, and fan relays. VSS on the trans. would need to be spiced into the EEC-IV harness. Might not need it. Maybe the the EEC-V system could be made to work, but would need the harmonic balancer off the Mustang, and a lot of creative wiring. Good luck.
You will want to install the front timing cover and the sensors (extend wiring as needed) from the mustangs engine and then you can have the mustang computer programmed to run the SC engine.

This is what I did with a 96 Tbird V6 works well.
Just what Chris said. I am putting one in a 94 and got a Quarter Horse from David Dalke.