Scam alert!


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Received a pm from Roland01 which is no longer on here, saying he would sell me the part I was looking for. Sent the money, and then he stop communicating. His email was and he had me send to his Zelle account under, Looked up the first email and it was connected to a scammer on multiple forums. Be careful!
Sorry man, I tried reporting him after he sent me a PM about a radio. I looked up the email and found him on various forums being known as a scammer. I reported it, then told him I wasn't interested. He questioned why not and I never responded back. I didn't think to mention it publicly.
Well I think he's or POS is back! It happened to me a couple weeks ago and reporting to PayPal and my credit card.


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someone tried this on me when I was looking for some shocks. He wouldn't take any form of payment that had buyer protection even if I offered to pay the difference so I bailed on it.