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Hello, I was wondering what scanners work on our SC’s. I E-mailed Innova but according to the representative who answered my inquiry, none of their scanners will read my ‘93, even though it’s an OBD-1 system. Apparently OBD-1 vehicles aren’t all the same wether it’s a LX OR SC.
Amazon sells the Innova OBD 1 Ford digital 31450 scanner that I have and it will pull most of the SC's codes.
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My go-to scanner is the OTC model # 3211 ODD I & II scan tool. I have use this scanner many times to not only pull codes but see updated live data. Excellent features and function unit. Have used OTC # 3211 scanner on 1989 LX, 1990 - 1993 SC. If you are in the a emission test state this is a must have. The cables are long enough to for you to to connect to the data link and (with the passenger side widow down) connect to the scanner while sitting in the driver seat. Power cable connects to the cigarette lighter.